Anabela’s Profile

Anabela Pinto was born in Portugal . She has an MSc in Biology,another MSc in  Ecology and a PhD in Behavioural Ecology. After some PostDocs at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, she became a research associate at the University of Cambridge. In the UK she lectured at the Universities  of Cambridge,  Anglia Ruskin, Chester, Roehampton and several oversea universities as guest lecturer. She is the founder and executive director of Cambridge e-Learning Institute (CEI) and her main interests are animal welfare, animal behaviour, conservation, biological anthropology, evolution, ethics, critical thinking, skepticism, evolutionary psychology and the she is presently writing about about belief.

  1. Mauricio Ramalho

    My dear friend i miss your knowledge and our conversations. I learned that you will leave this piece of quiet in the Alentejo. Give news.

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