Where did all the money go?

The law of conservation of energy  states that the total amount of energy in an isolated system remains constant over time (is said to be conserved over time). A consequence of this law is that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed: it can be transformed from one form to another or transferred from one place to another.(Wikipedia)

In my mind the circulation of money resembles this law. Its input translates work into products. Energy which is transformed in some sort of output which in turn, can be swapped for  money again. Money exchanges also run in a closed system; the Earth. I have never heard of money escaping in space, or transactions between  Earth and Alfa Centauri.

Given this logic, the amount of money that existed before the crisis may still be somewhere in planet Earth, unless it burnt letting all its energy escape through the atmosphere. So I cannot understand all this talk about the economic crisis and economically broken countries.

Someone, somewhere may be stashing loads of money. Money doesn’t just vanish in space at the snap of two fingers. Collecting money from those who horde it away for their own profit and greed, would certainly solve most of the crisis.

Following the same trail, if money is missing somewhere,  it may be accumulated elsewhere…someone may have too much of it!

Western governments claim that there is no growth. Do we really need growth? Why can´t we just devise a form of governance that is based on stability and a dynamic equilibrium? Just like in ecology!

Economic growth puts pressure on environmental resources. It also requires an ever growing stream of consumers producing tons of rubbish.

Let us ask ourselves again and reflect on the question: Do we really want growth?

Would someone please change this economical paradigm that shackles the west to a continuous philosophy of consumerism, waste and infinite exploitation of the Earth resources?

The world needs a new economic paradigm based on a dynamic equilibrium and recirculation of money.

Open the doors of those  Swiss banks and inject the money of Russian and Italian Mafia, drug dealers, self-centred footballers and cocaine sniffing pop-music idols, in the economy.

Build schools and hospitals, recycling stations and factories, give funding to  renewable energies. Yes Mr Chris Hun get your act together and stop being a circus puddle dancing at the tone of the conservatives.

Investing in renewable technologies is the solution for countries that export little or have non-competitive currencies.

Renewable technology is a crucible creative people  a new generation that will inherit the dirty bare planet that we are leaving them. It  employs all the know-how created in our universities  now stuck in a bottle neck of unemployment. It is production that  does something good for the only planet that supports life as we know it.

Time is ticking away  and while panicking governments play a dangerous poker game to convince us that they have some aces hidden in their sleeve  that will solve the crisis,  in reality, they do not have a clue on how to address it. Everyone claims they will do it but nobody knows how to do it. Political rhetoric ? we are tired of it.. show me some action!  Other than squeezing the belt and strangling the economy.

Open the flood of investment in green technologies, recycling, renewable power, electric cars. Stop bending before the interests of oil and polluting enterprises. The Portuguese have a gem of folk wisdom that goes like literally this : ” the more you bend yourself, the more you expose your arse!”

How are we going to balance the average income of citizens reducing economic inequalities? Very simple… two rules.  Start being humble and stop the greedy ones from accumulating huge personal private wealth. This crisis is  the repercussion of centuries of unfair policies which rewards the greedy and free-riders and punishes the contributors. We need a whole philosophy of existence based on co-operation and fair distribution of wealth. The UK could be a good place to start!


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  1. Dear Anabela,

    Being a fellow biologist, I also sometimes wonder why we can’t follow some of the principles of nature and evolution, which have proven so successful, in our human governance of states and economy. Particularly profitable it has been for me to analyze it all as an ESS. We have the system we have because it pays off, in the end all a consequence of costs and benefits.

    Thanks for your article.


    PS–Please, let me know if you find the money!

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