Just a tiny drop!

Among the zillion bytes of information floating in the web, one is drawn to ask, why would anyone want to write a blog? What difference will it make? Just a little drop in this vast ocean of memes ranging from  great wisdom to the utter idiotic. An ocean ranging from crystalline inviting ideas to polluted and dangerous ideologies.

I wonder how will  this tiny  drop in this vast ocean of personal opinions  ocean continue its voyage! But I don’t really care. People write for many reasons.; to express themselves, to influence others, to  lecture or incite, to start revolutions, or simply exchange ideas with like minded droplets. My drop is searching for the like minded and challenge the disagreement.

Will it be wise? Will it be silly? Who cares! It will simply be the expression of just one more mind.


About Anuska

I like to think about the facts of life and question them

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