Do it now, or something bad will happen to you!

Today I received another one of these proselytising emails from one of my believer friends. Among the usual  references to the son of his god, and his feats, it asks me to pass it on to a handful of other friends  ending with a warning. Something good is going to happen to you,  a blessing is coming your way, but if you don’t pass this on remember this ” if you deny me among men,  I’ll deny you  before my father”…

This leaves me wondering, what kind of religion is this that cries out load, justice, love and give the other face, and then blackmails me with punishment. It sounds more like Mafia style offerings than a religion based on forgiveness.

I wonder why people who  send these emails  to each other cannot spot the inconsistency. What worries me us that  this people are highly educated science academics  lecturing at renowned universities. If critical thinking does not penetrate their think skulls, I ask myself what kind of science are they teaching?


I also try to understand the meaning of the word blessing. Not because I am a non-native English speaker.. I can translate the word to at least 8 languages… but  the semantic content of the word blessing does not make any sense at all. Wikipedia defines blessing as  “the infusion of something with holiness, spiritual redemption, divine will, or one’s hope or approval”.

What good can I derive from a blessing of someone that doesn’t exist?  I would rather want a paid job and retribution from those I love and esteem.



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  1. You will, I think, enjoy this article by the great Penn Gillette, which ends:

    “Believing there is no God gives me more room for belief in family, people, love, truth, beauty, sex, Jell-O and all the other things I can prove and that make this life the best life I will ever have.”

    See the whole article here:

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